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Frozen Food Packaging

Our Packaging Bags for Frozen Foods Help You Stand Out

More and more people are choosing ready-to-eat products as their first choice for healthy and convenient meals. The market has also expanded beyond freezer fruits and vegetables to proteins, pasta and many other frozen foods. Estimates anticipate a continuous growth in the frozen food market, from $291.8 billion in 2019 to $404.8 billion in 2027. The increased demand for frozen food products has also made this packaging an appealing market for smaller businesses and brands.

The popularity of frozen foods makes it more difficult for brands to stand out from crowded competition. This is why custom food packaging is so important. BOWE PACK specializes in custom frozen food packaging for over 20 years, and we'll make your products stand out and capture the attention of your consumers.

Flexible bags for frozen food packaging wholesaleCustom Food Packaging for Frozen Food

Flexible Bags For Frozen Food Packaging

The flexible packaging bag is the ideal solution for frozen food to withstand low temperature and high moisture levels environment. Committed to frozen food packaging for many years, we can provide customize and produce  different types of freezer food packaging bags according to customers' needs. 

  • Stand up pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • 3 side seal flat pouch
  • Packaging film roll
  • Spouted pouch

Custom Freezer Food Packaging Options
Stand up pouch for frozen food
Stand-up Pouch
3 side sealed bag for pasta
Three side seal bag
box bottom pouch for frozen dumpling
Flat bottom pouch
refill pouch
 Spout pouch
vacuum pouch for freeze fruit
Vacuum Bag
rollstock film
Packaging film roll
vacuum frozen film
Clear nylon/PE film
zipper bag
 Zipper pouch 

Frozen Food Packaging Materials

Different foods require different materials; polyethylene (PE) packaging film can resist temperatures down to -40 degrees. PET/ White PE laminated packaging bags get the job done for most frozen foods, while PET/Nylon/PE is the better option for frozen meat and seafood. 

  • PET/PE
  • NY/PE

Flexible Frozen Food Packaging Application

Flexible frozen food packaging bags offers a range of benefits and applications for frozen food products. Its flexibility, durability, and excellent barrier properties make it an ideal choice for preserving the quality and freshness of frozen food like fruit, meat and prepared meal.

  • Frozen Meat Packaging
  • Froen Fruit Packaging
  • Frozen Desserts Packaging
  • Microwaveable Frozen Food Pouches
  • Frozen Prepared Foods
  • Frozen Vegetable Packaging
  • Freezer Food Packaging
  • Frozen Pasta Packaging

 custom frozen food packaging bag supplier

China Frozen Food Packaging Manufacturers

BOWE PACK is one of large-scale frozen food packaging manufacturers in Southern China, with a total area of 20,000. Equipped with a modern 100,000-level clean workshop and four high-speed production lines, we ensure our daily output can be as large as to 30 tons. Our core technical team is formed by key members who have been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years. Development to date, BOWE has integrated system resources including design, R&D, printing and post-processing production to provide global customers with a high-end one-stop frozen food packaging bags solution that optimizes timeliness and provides better quality. 

frozen food packaging manufacturers in China
frozen food packaging bags factory

Custom Frozen Food Packaging Service

BOWE PACK offer one stop packaging printing and production solution for over 20 years. BOWE's packaging is printed using an advanced process called gravure printing technology, which allows us to print up to ten colors on your custom printed frozen food packaging. All of our frozen food bags are available in glossy, matte and UV finishes for effective shelf display of your products.

printing service
custom service frozen food packaging bags

Frozen Food Packaging