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How can we help you?


If you are a small business selling food, coffee, cleaning supplies, cannabis or any perishable good, a packaging partner like BowePack can be invaluable to help take your operation to the next level. What makes us different than our competition and why should you choose us as your packaging solution?


Below we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you don't see an answer to your query, feel free to reach out and we will gladly provide further assistance.

About Custom Info

How can I start here?

You can email the quote on any page or WhatsApp us,and one of our sales representatives will contact you within 12 hours. When the products details and design are offered, we can give a specific quotation within 1 hour.

What are your minimums?

We does not require a minimum quantity, but we do require an order value of $300. This allows us to cover the time and material needed for the entire process - from pressing to coating, slitting to converting. 


What are your common lead times?

Our lead time estimates are as follows:

For Finished Roll Stock: 5 to 7 business days from art approval.

For Finished Pouches: 10-15 business days after art approval.

These lead times are estimates, not guarantees and may vary according to job needs.

Are there any additional costs?

Shipping/Freight : not included in order price. Costs vary.

Cylinder fee (if required) : 

If gravure printing is selected, a plate fee is required for each design, and the price varies according to the complexity of the design and the number of colors.(NOTE: Payment is only required for the first printing, subsequent payments are not required)

If digital printing is selected, there is no additional plate cost.

How do I pay for orders?

First time customers typically pay with Credit Card. 50% of the total must be paid when placing your order, and the remaining balance is due when your product is ready to ship.

NOTE: Quantities ordered and shipped will vary due to various steps in the production process.

Manufacturing accounts for a billable overage/under of up to 15%- 25% pending the total quantities.

What is the order process like?

Every order placed begins with our team confirming your product order specifications. We’ll send you a quote, and ask you to confirm your purchase order and send along artwork. Once we’ve set your project into place, you’ll receive print proofs for approval. And once approved, we will product and ship your packaging solution.

I don’t have any idea about color, size, bag shape or anything.
Can you help me with that?

Do not worry about the things above. Our in-house specialist designers and packaging experts can help you to perfectly choose color, size, shape and style.

About Design

What kind of proofs and pouch information should I offer?

The design source file format including PS, AI and CDR, is acceptable.

Bag type, sizes, quantities, material structure, thickness and design artwork are needed.

What is the best way to supply my art files?

We prefer all art files be high-resolution Adobe Illustrator files. Please ensure you include All fonts/outlined fonts and attachments, and if your artwork bleeds off the edges, please add an extra 1/8 inch for bleed.

NOTE: When using white ink, please supply it on its own separate layer.

What about protecting your clients’ assets and designs?

All your assets and designs will be kept private and only be used for your work. No one can order your design from us.


Can I change the design after ordering?

Yes, of course. You can change it even during the production. But it will cost you a few extra charges and you have to extend the delivery time.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.