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Sustainable Packaging Pouch

sustainable packaging bags supplier
sustainable packaging solution

Custom Substainable Packaging Solution

Choose our Custom Sustainable Packaging and make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on functionality or product protection. With its environmentally conscious materials, versatile design, reclosable feature, and customizable branding options, this pouch allows you to align your packaging strategy with your sustainability goals. Embrace the future of packaging and showcase your brand's commitment to a greener world.

One-Stop Custom Sustainable Bags Solution

01 Custom Recyclable Packaging

mono plastic eco packaging bags and pouches

100% recyclable materials

Made of mono-plastic, PE/PE, PE/EVOH-PE, MDOPE/PE, MDOPE/PE/PE-PVA

100% recyclable feature

Recycled zippers, spout nozzles for options
recycled stand up pouch made of mono PE plastic

02 Custom Biodegradable Packaging

Custom biodegradable packaging, a revolutionary solution designed to minimize environmental impact and promote a greener future. Crafted with biodegradable materials, this packaging option offers a sustainable and responsible choice for businesses and consumers.

bidegradable materials for flexible packaging

Biodegradable materials

Made of PLA, Kraft Paper, PBAT, PBS, NK, etc.

Eco-friendly sustainablity

Degraded into water and CO2 in 180-360 days.


① Source: Our paper has premium quality to make the pouches stable.

② Certificate: FSC(Responsible Forest Resources) certificated Kraft Paper, we always support globally sustainable forest management.

③ Paper Type: We have many kinds of Kraft paper to achieve the best printing effect that our clients need, including Brown Kraft Paper, White Kraft Paper, Black Kraft Paper, etc.

④ Printing Color:Printing up to  9 colors.

⑤ BOWE PACK experience: Over 10 years of experience in paper laminating.



① Source: Imported from Natureflex, the UK. As surface and barrier layer.

② Certificate: Compost Home certificated bio material.

③ Experience: We have laminated NK with PLA and manufactured stand up pouches, we always keep moving on the way to develop eco friendly packaging.

PLA or PBS (heat seal layer)

The heat seal layer utilized in our packaging options is composed of either PBS or PLA material.
Both PBS and PLA serve as effective heat seal layers, while PBS offering superior temperature resistance and toughness. PBS can be used within a temperature range of -30 to 100℃, making it capable of withstanding boiling water temperatures and accommodating a wider array of applications. Additionally, PBS proves to be more convenient for storage, transportation, and utilization in marine or hotter environments.

Your Trusted Custom Sustainable Bag Manufacturer & Supplier

We are one of the leading custom eco sustainbale packaging bags manufacturers with self-owned factory in China. For over 25 years, BOWE PACK has been a trusted provider of high-quality eco-friendly bags custom print solutions. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, and we are committed to providing them with innovative and reliable recycled, biodegradable & compostable packaging bags that meet their unique customization requirements with affordable factory price.

China flexible packaging manufacturer

eco friensly packaging manufacturer

Why Choose Us As Your Custom Sustainable Bags Supplier?

√ 100% Recycled Materials : mono PE or PP plastic materials, recyclable

√ Factory-direct Pricing : Save 30% than ordering from traders

√ Negociated MOQ : 10,000 pieces for start up business
√ Fast Turnaround Times
: 15 Days Competitive delivery times to enhance speed-to-market 

√ 25 Years Experience Team : Packaging experts to drive innovative packaging solutions
√ Strong Production Capacity :72,00 Tons Yearly Output

Recycled stand up pouchsustainable standing pouch and bag

One-Stop Custom Sustainable Bags Solution

We offer our clients with worry-free custom service integrating product consulting, designing, production, QC, logistics, and after-sales service. From bag styles, printing colors, material structure, size, thickness to bespoke feature, we can customize to fit your needs and the products' characteristic.

Fast Response
: 7/24 customer service, one hour average response when online

Quick Quotation : Official quotation within 1 hour when details are given

Immediate Mock-Up : 3D realistic mock-up right after we receive the artwork design

If your looking for a trusted supplier and going to customize custom wholeale sustainable packaging bags for your brands, BOWE PACK will be your best choice! Contact us and get a quick quote now.

Sustainable Packaging Pouch