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Shaped Pouch

What is shaped pouch

Shaped pouch is a type of flexible packaging that is designed in a non-traditional shape, distinct from the typical rectangular or square pouches. These pouches can be customized into various shapes and sizes, ranging from unique geometric designs to product-specific outlines. 

custom shaped pouch with die cut shape high barrier stand up bag

At BOWE PACK, we offer a wide range of custom shaped pouches, meticulously designed to align with your brand's identity. By utilizing advanced die-cutting techniques, we can create shaped pouches according to your specifications, ensuring they perfectly accommodate your product while meeting your storage and marketing needs. 

Key Benefits

  • Modern die-cutting technology
  • Printable on full area for brand iamge
  • Shaped pouch with ergonomic handles
  • Leakage-proof, smell-proof, and high puncture resistance
  • BPA-free and food grade materials
  • Customized in any special shape, like jar, fruit and animals, etc
  • Distinctive appearance, more attractive to consumers

shaped pouch bag wholesale

Types of Shaped pouch

Shaped pouches come in various forms to suit different packaging needs. stand-up pouches, spouted pouches, flat bottom pouch, 3 side seal bag and zipper pouch are some popular options.

Stand up pouch

Stand-up pouches are widely favored for their capacity to face upright on shelves, ensuring first rate product visibility.
die cut shape stand up pouch

Flat Bottom Pouch

shaped flat bottom pouch

Spout Pouch

Spouted pouches are properly-perfect for liquids and semi-liquids, taking into account easy pouring and dishing out.
spout pouch with special shape

Three Side Seal Pouch

shaped three side seal bag for facial mask

Reasealbel Zipper Pouch

 resealed zipper shapes bag

Application of Shaped pouch

  • Snacks food
  • Candy
  • Confectionery
  • Coffee / tea
  • Frozen food
  • Sports nutrition and gel
  • Beauty products 
  • Baby food
  • Liquid and juice 
shaped pouch for gel packaging

China Top Shaped Pouch Manufacturer & Supplier

Bowe Pack is one of the leading custom shaped pouch manufacturer with self-owned factory in China. , BowePack has been a trusted provider of high-quality die cut shape bag & pouch custom print solutions. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative and reliable special shaped pouches that meet their unique customization requirements with affordable factory price.

China Shaped Pouch Manufacturer
China Shaped Pouch Supplier


Why Choose Us As Your Shaped Pouch Supplier?

Fast Turnaround Times : 7-15 Days Competitive delivery times to enhance speed-to-market 

Factory-direct Pricing/Fair Price : Save 30% than ordering from traders

Low MOQ : 10,000 Pcs for Start up business

25 Years Experience Team : Packaging experts to drive innovative packaging solutions

custom shaped pouch supplier and manufacturer



One-Stop Custom Shaped Pouch Solution

custom shaped pouch service with digital & gravure print

We offer our clients with worry-free custom service integrating product consulting, designing, production, QC, logistics, and after-sales service.

icon Fast Response: 7/24 customer service, one hour average response when online

icon Quick Quotation : Official quotation within 1 hour when details are given

icon Immediate Mock-Up : 3D realistic mock-up right after we receive the artwork design

mock up for shaped pouch

The FAQs about Shaped Pouch

What are the advantages of using shaped pouches?

Shaped pouches offer several advantages, including improved shelf appeal, unique branding opportunities, enhanced product differentiation, better consumer convenience, and potential cost savings in packaging material. The unique shape can attract attention on store shelves and help products stand out in a crowded market.
custom shaped pouches


What types of products are suitable for die cut shape pouch?

Shaped pouches can be used for a wide range of products, including snacks, confectionery, beverages, pet food, personal care items, cosmetics and more. They are especially popular for products that require innovative packaging solutions or want to create a distinctive brand image.
shaped pouch bags for food packaging


Are shaped pouches customizable?

Yes, shaped pouch bags are highly customizable. Manufacturers can create unique shapes and sizes tailored to specific product requirements or brand preferences. Customization can include features such as spouts, handles, tear notches, and resealable options to enhance functionality.
custom printed shaped pouch


Are shaped pouches as durable as traditional pouches?

Shaped pouches are designed to be durable and provide the necessary barrier properties to protect the contents. They are constructed using multiple layers of materials that provide resistance to moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring the product's integrity and shelf life.
durable shaped bag


Can shaped pouches be printed with graphics and branding?

Yes, our special shaped pouches can be printed with high-quality graphics and branding elements. The unique shape provides a larger canvas for branding and visual storytelling, allowing companies to create eye-catching designs that resonate with consumers.
gravure printed shaped pouch for juice


Are shaped pouches environmentally friendly?

The environmental impact of shaped pouches depends on the specific materials used and the recycling infrastructure in the region. Die cut shaped pouch can be made of recyclable materials or incorporate post-consumer recycled plastic. Material structure: PE/EVOH-PE.
eco shaped pouch

Can shaped pouches be resealed?

Yes, shaped pouches can be equipped with resealable features such as zippers or spout, allowing consumers to open and reseal the pouch to maintain product freshness and convenience.


Can shaped pouches be used for hot-fill or retort applications?

Yes, shaped pouches can be designed to withstand hot-fill processes or retort sterilization. The materials and construction of the pouch are tailored to withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with these applications. Retort Pouch Materials: PET/AL/NY/RCPP.

 retortable shaped pouches


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If your looking for a trusted supplier and going to customize custom wholeale shaped bags & pouches for your brands, BOWE PACK will be your best choice! Contact us and get a quick quote now.

Shaped Pouch