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Powerful Factory Plant and Facility
Within our factory are specially designed and built workshops according to the 100,000-class GMP to meet high hygiene standard of various products.

The production base covers an area over 20,000 square meters and there are six automatic high-speed production lines, and the annual production capacity can reach 7,200 tons. With state-of-art facilities, skilled operators and experienced teams, we are able to achieve consiitent and high-quality results.

Mature Printing Technology
Mature Printing Technology
We operate two advanced HP Indigo digital printing presses and six 10-color high-speed printing machines that can control ink volume and color accuracy. Depending on the project, we offer Gravure and Digital printing technology to our clients.

Lamination Workshop
High-speed solvent-less lamination machines allows us to create specific laminated films tailored to each customers’ needs. We offer safe materials and strong lamination strength, ensuring excellent protection and keeping your products fresher longer. 
Lamination Workshop

Slitting & Bag-making Workshop
Slitting & Bag Converting Workshop
We operate several state of the art slitting machines which allow us to offer bespoke sizing and precision packaging to our clients. Rewind solutions are also available when needed.

40+ fully automated bag-making machines offer high-quality customizable packaging options.

Highlight of Our Quality Control
BOWE PACK complies with ISO9001 management system strictly. All our product materials adopt advanced testing equipment, scientific management and control system for physical routine, hygienic performance, microbiological and characteristic tests to ensure best product quality, reliability and safety.

Complete Quality Inspections
Air Tightness Test 
A gas tightness tester is used to test on the finished bags and pouches to ensure  products are 100% airtight.
Chemical Residues Test 
We use a gas chromatograph to detect whether there is presence of chemical residues on the surface, aiming to ensure the safety.
Material Strength Test
We use a tensile tester to take a strength test on the raw materials to ensure that the materials of bag making is strong enough.
Drop Test
To detect the practicability of the pouches on the shelves, they will be filled with 5L contents and dropped from a height of one meter for three to five times.
Heat Seal Strength Test 
The purpose of heat seal test is to detect the strength of seals and to ensure that the products are in good condition during storage and transportation.
Lamination Strength Test
Formed pouches will be tested for lamination strength with an tensile tester, aiming to ensure the usability of the pouches.

About Sustainable Development
To realize our social responsibility, our workshops are equipped with waste gas treatment and RTO waste heat recovery system, which would help reduce the carbon emissions and achieve the energy recycling.

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