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Facial Mask Packaging

Custom Face Mask Packaging - Protect and Present Your Masks with Style

Our Custom Face Mask Packaging, a professional and visually appealing solution to package and showcase your face masks. These packaging options are designed to protect your masks while providing a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. With customizable designs and high-quality materials, our Custom Face Mask Packaging adds a touch of sophistication to your brand and helps you stand out in the competitive market.We offer:

  • Face sheet mask packaging
  •  Peel-off face mask packaging
  •  Aluminum foil facial mask packaging
  • Quadruple sachet packaging 

high barrier cosmetics packaging face masks packaging bag

Top Custom Face Mask Packaging Manufacturer & Supplier

We are one of the leading custom face mask packaging manufacturers with self-owned factory in China. Focus on R&D and production of mask bags for 25 years, BOWE PACK has supplied mask bags to more than 300 large and small beauty companies.

facial sheet mask packaging manufacturer

The Keys To Facial Mask Packaging

Traditional facial masks have long been a popular beauty product and have gained steady traction in the market. A sheet mask is a product-infused fabric sheet, usually packaged in a flexible pouch to keep the sheet moist and maintain the freshness of the product.
Freshness is key to product efficacy, so high barrier flexible packaging plays a huge role in the success of these products.
custom printed facial mask packaging bags printing service

Facial Sheet Mask Materials and Cases

Flexible foil pouches offer the most sustainable and efficient packaging for face masks, as they optimize freshness while using the least amount of packaging materials. We have a variety of high barrier materials for you to choose from. Our packaging material structure is specifically designed for the characteristics of the facial sheet masks, able to withstand the pressure, excessive shock and temperature it must withstand during transportation.

Mylar Facial Masks Packaging
Many of our customers pick our mylar barrier materials.
High Barrier Mylar Facial Masks Packaging
Kraft Paper Facial Masks Packaging
Kraft paper offer a texture feeling and it also an excellent choice to give the facial mak a unique look. 

Die-cut Shaped Facial Masks Packaging

Die cut shape cosmetics face mask packaging

The wide front and back of the flexible pouches are ideal for mask packaging as they allow for seamless and smartly designed merchandising directly on the packaging, making it an opportunity for brands to create brand personality. 

Facial Mask Packaging