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Custom Shape Energy Gel Packaging Liquid Beverage Drink Spout Pouch

We offer all kinds of sachet pouch for energy gel packaging. All size is available, from 1oz to 5oz. High barrier plastic materials, recyclable and biodegradable materials are available for custom gel packaging bags.
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Product Description

Energy gel packaging is a vital component in the world of sports nutrition, enhancing athletes' performance and convenience. By carefully considering the materials, sizes, types, and features of energy gel packaging, you can provide athletes with the fuel they need to excel while ensuring product quality and safety. Elevate your energy gel packaging strategy to support and empower athletes on their journey to best performance.

Sizes: Tailored to Endurance

Energy gel packaging comes in various sizes, catering to different athletes' preferences and needs:

  • Single-Serving Sachets: Convenient for on-the-go consumption during workouts.
  • Multi-Serving Pouches: Suitable for athletes requiring larger quantities over extended periods.
  • Variety Packs: Offer a selection of flavors in compact packaging.
  • Custom size and volume: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 5oz, 10oz, 12oz

Product Information

  Products Name Custom Shape Energy Gel Packaging Liquid Beverage Drink Spout Pouch
  MOQ 200kg MOQ for packaging film roll
10,000pcs MOQ for bags and pouches(Normal Size)
30,000pcs MOQ for mini sachet packet ( Small size)
  Original Guangdong, China
  Lead Time 15 Working Days, negociated available
Customized Color · Silver / Clear / White / Black / Gold / Red / Green / Blue / Purple and more
· Matte White / Black and more
· White Kraft / Brown Kraft
Customized Color Avaialble, Panton.e & CMYK
 Customized Volume Available in various sizes ranging from 1oz to 5lb:
1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 2lb, 4lb, 5lb, etc.
Custom Size Small (e.g., 3 inches x 5 inches): Ideal for packaging items like gels, snacks, spices, or small electronic accessories.
Medium (e.g., 6 inches x 9 inches): Commonly used for products such as coffee, pet treats, or personal care items.
Large (e.g., 8 inches x 12 inches): Suitable for packaging larger items like bulk food products.
Custom Style · Stand Up Pouch
· Side Gusset Pouch
· Flat Bottom Pouch
· Flat Pouch
· Roll Film
Targeting Industries BOWE PACK flexible packaging suit all industries. Most popular markets include:
· *Coffee & Tea
· Snacks, nuts, dried foods, etc.
· Various non-food applications like shampoo, cat litter, cosmetics
Added-value Services · Valve 
· Tin Tie 
· Zipper( PTC zipper, pull tab zipper, child proof zupper, etc)
· Window ( Clear or frosted)

Customized Options
Plastic energy gel packaging
Energy gel packaging bag
Custom shaped pouch
Custom shaped pouch for liquid gel 
stick pack
Stick pack for energy powder
sachet bag
Sachet packet
drink pouch
Liquid Beverage Drink Spout Pouch
sachet sample
Sachet sample packaging
Custom Capacity


Features: Boosting Convenience

Energy gel packaging offers various features designed to enhance the athlete's experience:

1. Easy-Tear Notches

  • Facilitate quick access to the gel, even in the heat of the moment.
  • Eliminate the need for scissors or tearing by hand. 

2. Graduated Measurement Marks

  • Assist in precise gel dosage for athletes who require specific amounts.
  • Prevent overconsumption and waste.

3. Ergonomic Shapes

  • Designed for comfortable gripping and squeezing.
  • Ensure efficient gel extraction during workouts.

4. Custom Branding

  • Showcase your brand identity with custom labels and designs.
  • Build brand loyalty among athletes and consumers.

custom printed three side seal bag servicecustom printed lay flat pouch solutioncustom printing process

Why Choose BOWE PACK
lay flat pouch supplier from China
More Information

Materials: The Fuel for Excellence

The materials used in energy gel packaging are critical to maintaining the product's quality and integrity:

1. Foil Laminates

  • Excellent barrier properties against oxygen and light.
  • Protects the gel from spoilage and degradation.

2. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

  • Provides transparency for easy visibility of the gel.
  • Enhances the product's appeal to consumers.

3. LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)

  • Offers flexibility and squeezability for easy gel extraction.
  • Resistant to moisture and external contaminants.

4. BPA-Free Plastics

  • Ensures the safety of the gel and the health of the consumer.
  • Complies with health and safety regulations.

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