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100% Compostable Stand Up Pouches Kraft Zipper Bag Supplier

Order compostable stand up pouches from top manufacturer and supplier, one-stop custom print solution. Wholesale price. Contact to get our catalogue!
  • Materials:
    Kraft paper
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Custom compostable stand up pouches

Custom compostable stand-up pouches are made from plant-based, renewable materials such as biopolymers or bio-based plastics. They are designed to break down into compost or biodegrade naturally, minimizing their impact on the environment compared to traditional plastic packaging.

These stand-up pouches are designed with a bottom gusset, allowing them to stand upright on store shelves, providing convenience and visibility, enhancing product presentation. Also, to ensure 100% compostable feature, the zipper is made of the same materials as the pouch.

compostable Kraft paper stand up bags
Custom compostable stand up pouches wholesale
Wholesale eco friendly packaging bags


  • Food, snacks, nuts
  • Coffee, tea
  • Personal care
Note:Not intended for constant or regular contact with liquids, creams, or moisture.

biodegradable pouches application


biodegradable Kraft bag wholesale

STYLE 100% Compostable Stand Up Pouches Kraft Zipper Bag Supplier
According to the target usage and customers’  needs, our packaging experts are capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized according to your needs
If you don’t know the size clearly , let BOWE PACK help you.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES ·8 types unwinding positions
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks or eco-friendly soy inks
·Gloss finish
·Matt finish
·Matt finish with spot glossy (Spot UV)
MOQ 500 pcs by digital printing
10,000pcs by gravure printing

 Types of compostable bags

Kraft stand up bag

Compostable Kraft paper stand up pouch with window 

Enhanced with barrier properties to protect the contents from moisture, oxygen》
bio stand up pouch

Custom printed stand up pouch

Ideal  for a wide range of products, including food, snacks, coffee, pet food, and more. 
clear doypack

Clear compostable pouch with zipper

Can be composted in industrial composting facilities or home composting systems.
Sustainable flat bottom bag

Flat bottom pouch with zipper

With custom printing, colors, sizes, and additional features like zippers and tear notches.
Brown Kraft paper zipper bag

Clear front with Kraft paper  back  stand-up pouch

More attractive with clear window.
bio gusset bags

Compostable side gusset bag

Offering more volume for products with expanded side gusset.

Compostable Materials

Compostable Materials for flexible packagingCompostable Materials Structure


① Source: Our paper has premium quality to make the pouches stable.

② Certificate: FSC(Responsible Forest Resources) certificated Kraft Paper, we always support globally sustainable forest management.

③ Paper Type: We have many kinds of Kraft paper to achieve the best printing effect that our clients need, including Brown Kraft Paper, White Kraft Paper, Black Kraft Paper, etc.

④ Printing Color:Printing up to  9 colors.

⑤ BOWE PACK experience: Over 10 years of experience in paper laminating.



① Source: Imported from Natureflex, the UK. As surface and barrier layer.

② Certificate: Compost Home certificated bio material.

③ Experience: We have laminated NK with PLA and manufactured stand up pouches, we always keep moving on the way to develop eco friendly packaging.

PLA or PBS : Heal seal layer

The heat seal layer utilized in our packaging options is composed of either PBS or PLA material.
Both PBS and PLA serve as effective heat seal layers, while PBS offering superior temperature resistance and toughness. PBS can be used within a temperature range of -30 to 100℃, making it capable of withstanding boiling water temperatures and accommodating a wider array of applications. Additionally, PBS proves to be more convenient for storage, transportation, and utilization in marine or hotter environments.

custom service for flexible pouches


As a leading eco-friendly flexible packaging factory, we combine technical expertise, innovative design capabilities, sustainable manufacturing practices, and operational excellence to provide clients with top-quality, environmentally friendly packaging solutions that meet the demands of today's conscientious consumers and businesses.
testing for quality
With our modern factory are multiple manufacturing equipments that are capable of producing a wide range of recyclable packaging products efficiently and with high precision. We also obtaining relevant certifications (e.g., ISO 14001 for environmental management, BRC for certified materials) and adhering to industry regulations to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and quality.

Production Experience
Corperation Brands
Packaging Experts
Self-own Factory Area

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