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Cheese Packaging Film Peelable Lidding Film Supply

Our lidding film is suitable for various kinds of cheese packaging. The cheese packaging can be available with easy peal seal and lock seal capabilities to PE, PP, PS, PET, AL, and PVC. Strong production capacity to meet your large quantities needs.
  • Our Advantage:
    1000 tons capacity
    7-15 Days Delivery
    BRC Certified
    200kg MOQ
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Product Description

Peelable cheese packaging film is a perfect solution designed to keep your cheese and dairy  products fresh while providing the convenience of easy access. This packaging offers a range of advantages, customizable features, and specific highlights for both manufacturers and consumers.

Cheese Packaging Film  supplier

Advantages of our peelable cheese packaging film:

Peelable cheese packaging film offers several benefits for both manufacturers and consumers:

  1. Freshness Preservation: The film's barrier properties protect the cheese from external factors like moisture and air, ensuring it stays fresh for longer.

  2. Easy Access: The peelable feature allows consumers to open the package effortlessly, without the need for additional tools or cutting

  3. Reduced Food Waste: The resealable design ensures that consumers can reclose the package after use, preventing cheese from drying out or becoming stale.

  4. Cost-Efficiency: Peelable packaging minimizes the need for additional storage containers, saving both consumers and manufacturers money.

  5. Customization: Brands can incorporate custom printing on the film to enhance brand identity and product presentation.

Packaging Types

Cheese Packaging Film Feature
Product Information

Peelable cheese packaging film offers an excellent solution for preserving the freshness of cheese while providing convenient access for consumers. With its range of materials, advantages like freshness preservation and reduced food waste, and custom features, it plays a vital role in ensuring that cheese remains at its best. Selecting a reputable supplier ensures the best packaging for your cheese products.

Product Name

Cheese Packaging Film Peelable Lidding Film Supply






Transparent or Custom Printing (Up to 10 colors)


Food Grade; Medical Grade


Thickness: 50um-200um

Width: 100mm-1200mm
Customized Size


1) Excellent barrier properties of Oxygen and Moisture.
2) Leakage Resistant and High Strength.
3) Excellect puncture and tear resistance.


For packing fresh or frozen meat, processed food, sea food, cheese, sausage, etc.

Purchase Information

Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
Delivery Within: 7 ~15 days after received the payment.
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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