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Custom Aluminum Retort Pouch For Hotfill Soup Sauce Packaging Wholesale

Our aluminum retort pouches are highly suitable for hot-fill soup packaging, withstanding 121-135 ℃. We offer direct factory pricing with top-quality packaging products.
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Custom Aluminum Retort Pouch Wholesale

Aluminum retort pouches are designed to withstand high temperatures during the hot-fill process. The combination of aluminum and other barrier layers provides excellent heat resistance, ensuring that the pouch maintains its integrity and prevents any leakage or contamination when filled with hot soup, sauce and ready-to-eat food.

Soup packaging aluminum retort pouch bag
foil retort pouch wholesale

Retort processing is a common method used for sterilizing and extending the shelf life of packaged food products. Aluminum retort bags are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of retort processing, which involves subjecting the pouches to high heat and pressure. They maintain their structural integrity and ensure product safety during the sterilization process.

professional retort pouch solution
high temperature aluminum retort bag

Product Informantion


Custom retort pouch for soup wholesale

  Products Name Custom Aluminum Retort Pouch For Hotfill Soup Sauce Packaging Wholesale
  MOQ 10,000 pcs MOQ for bags and pouches(normal materials)
50,000 pcs MOQ for retort bags
  Original Guangdong, China
  Lead Time 15 Working Days, negociated available
Customized Color · Silver / Clear / White / Black / Gold / Red / Green / Blue / Purple and more
Customized Color Avaialble, Within 10 colors
 Customized Volume Available in various sizes ranging from 1oz to 5lb:
1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 2lb, 4lb, 5lb, etc.
Custom Style · Stand Up Pouch
· Side Gusset Pouch
· Flat Bottom Pouch
· Flat Pouch
· Roll Film
Targeting Industries BOWE PACK flexible packaging suit all industries. Most popular markets include:
· Coffee & Tea
· Snacks, nuts, dried foods, etc.
· Various non-food applications like shampoo, cat litter, cosmetics

custom aluminum retort pouches can be customized with various design elements, including branding, product information, and attractive graphics. This customization allows for effective branding and promotion of the soup product, enhancing its shelf presence and consumer appeal.


Retort Pouch Classification & Materials

1.Sterilization Classification

retort pouches for per-made foodretort pouches for wet pet food

(1)Classified by temperature & time conditions:

Class Class Condition Comment

Water Boiling

Sterilized by 100℃ boiling water

Sterilizing 30min

Medium temperature Retort

Retorting sterilization below 121℃ including 121℃)
Sterilizing 40min

High temperature Retort

High temperature sterilization below 135℃(including135℃ )

Sterilizing 30min

(2)Classified by FDA standards


Time Condition

Shelf Life of Contents

121℃ Retort Pouch

Below 121℃,  20-60min

Over 6 months

135℃ Retort Pouch

135℃,  about 20min

1~2 years

140℃ Retort Pouch

Below 140℃,  usually 2~5min

Microwave heating within 2 years

2. Retort Pouch Structure

Retort Pouch Structure
1. Mono PP Retort Pouch: OPP/ HBOPP/ RCPP

What are retort bags used for?

Retort bags are used to package a wide variety of food products. Some examples include ready-to-eat meals, such as curries, stews, and pasta dishes. Other food items that can be found in retort pouches include soups, sauces, gravies, baby food, pet food, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

retort bags for food packaging
The retort process allows these food products to be sterilized and undergo heat treatment, extending their shelf life while maintaining their flavor, texture, and nutritional content. The versatility of retort pouches makes them suitable for both wet and dry food products, providing convenience, portability, and extended shelf stability for consumers.

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