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Custom Flat Pouches with Zipper for Snacks Packaging Supplier

MOQ: 10 000 PCS
Price: $0.01 - $0.20
Materials: PET/AL//NY/RCPP
Lead Time: 7-15 Days
Samples: Free for reference
Target Markets: All over the world
Customization: Bag styles, designs, colors, sizes, volume, etc.
  • Other Feature:
  • Our Advantage:
    BRC Certified
    Free Samples
    7-15 Days Delivery

Ideal on-to-go food packaging : custom flat pouches

Custom flat pouches, also called three-side seal pouches, have emerged as a popular choice in the realm of flexible packaging solutions.They are ideal for on-the-go food packaging due to their convenient and portable nature. These pouches are lightweight, compact, and easily fit into bags or pockets, making them perfect for busy consumers who need a quick and easy snack option. 
custom flat pouches zipper bag

These pouches offer a sleek and space-efficient design that is both practical and visually appealing. With their customizable features, they provide businesses with the opportunity to create packaging solutions that perfectly suit their products.

3 side sealing zipper pouch supply

Lay flat pouches are versatile packaging options that serve a wide range of industries. Whether it's food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or household products, custom flat pouches can be tailored to accommodate different product types and sizes. Their flat shape allows for easy storage, stacking, and transportation, making them ideal for both retail and e-commerce environments.

three side saal bag for snacks

Custom flat pouches packaging are part of the wider trend of flexible packaging, which offers benefits such as lightweight construction, reduced material waste, and improved product preservation. These bags are made of flexible and durable lamianted plastic materials that provide excellent barrier properties, protecting the contents from moisture, air, and light.
zipper pouch for snacks

Usage of lay flat pouches

Custom flat pouches find extensive use in various industries, both for food and non-food products. The versatility and practicality of these pouches make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Food Packaging:

  • Snack Foods: Chips, cookies, dried fruits, nuts
  • Coffee and Tea: Ground coffee, tea leaves, coffee pods
  • Pet Food: Dry kibble, treats, pet snacks
  • Sauces and Condiments: Salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise

three side sealed bag for food packaging

Personal Care and Cosmetics:

  • Lotions and Creams: Body lotions, face creams
  • Shampoos and Conditioners: Hair care products
  • Facial Masks: Sheet masks, peel-off masks

facial mask lay flat pouch wholesale

Other Products:

  • Laundry Detergent: Single-use detergent pods
  • Cleaning Solutions: Dishwashing detergent, surface cleaners
  • Pet Supply: Pet food, pet treats, cat litter 

three side seal bag for pet treats food

Feature of lay flat pouchs

  • Type: Stand up pouch with spout
  • Airtight sealing for 100% leak-proof property
  • Strong laminatedf ood-grade materials offer barrier against against moisture, oxygen, light
  • Custom printing, offering more area to show custom brand image
  • Versatile sizes and capacities: 30g,100g,250g,500g

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Custom printed flat pouches bags

Whether you are a startup looking to make a splash in the market or an established brand seeking to revitalize your packaging strategy, our custom printed plastic  pouches are the ideal solution. 

  • Branding and Marketing: Custom printed flat pouch helps businesses showcase their brand, creating a visually appealing and recognizable packaging.
  • Product Differentiation: Custom printing allows for unique designs and graphics, helping products stand out and differentiate from competitors.
  • Information Communication: Custom printed flat pouches provide space for displaying essential product information, such as ingredients and instructions.

Wholesale printed flat pouches
Customize flat pouch packaging

Custom flat pouch packaging

The pouches offer convenience, product protection, and customization opportunities for branding. These features make flat pouch packaging an ideal choice for various industries, including food, personal care, and consumer goods.
    1. Convenient and Portable: Custom flat pouch packaging is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it convenient for on-the-go use. It easily fits into bags, purses, or pockets, allowing consumers to carry their products with ease.
    2. Product Protection: Custom flat pouch packaging provides excellent protection for products. The flexible materials used in these pouches offer barrier properties that safeguard against moisture, air, and light.
    3. Customization for Branding:  With customizable printing options, companies can incorporate their logos, designs, and marketing messages on the pouches, creating a unique and eye-catching packaging.

Sizes of custom printed flat pouches

Flat pouch packaging bags come in a variety of sizes to hold different types of products in different volumes, here is the sheet about the sizes about the lay flat pouches for  liquid, powder and coffee beans:

Pouch Size (cm) Liquid(ml) Powder(g) Coffee Beans(g)
6*9 10 18 8
7*9 15 25 13
8*12 35 35 20
9*13 50 50 25
10*15 150 90 45
12*18 140 170 85
14*20 300 270 130

Custom Service

Custom Printing:
custom printing three side sealing bag design
We offer custom printing service for all types of flexible bags. Custom printing plays a crucial role in the visual appeal and branding of flat pouches. Businesses can choose to incorporate their logos, product information, and eye-catching graphics on the pouches. With advancedgravure  printing techniques, vibrant colors and intricate designs can be achieved, enhancing shelf presence and attracting consumer attention. Custom printing allows businesses to create a packaging solution that aligns with their brand identity, effectively communicating their message and distinguishing their products in the market.

Custom Printing Effect:

printing effect
Custom Materials:

Custom Feature:
- Zipper
- Tear Notch
- Spout
- Hang hole
- Handle
- Window

Product Information

Product Name

Custom Flat Pouches with Zipper for Snacks Packaging Supplier


Customized Available


Transparent or Custom Printing (Up to 10 colors)


Food Grade


Thickness: 50µm-200µm

Width: 100mm-1200mm
Customized Size


1) Excellent barrier properties of Oxygen and Moisture.
2) Leakage Resistant and High Strength.
3) 100% Recyclable

Purchase Information

Min.order: 10,000 pieces (lay flat pouch)
Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
Delivery Within: 7 ~15 days after received the payment.
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Western Union.


Guangdong, China


Guangzhou, Shenzhen



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