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Custom printed coffee bags standup zipper pouch with valve

Top manufacturer and supplier for coffee stand up pouch, one-stop custom print solution. Wholesale price. Get quote today! 7/24 At Your Service.
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    FDA Certified
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Custom printed coffee bags standup zipper pouch with valve wholesale, direct factory

Custom printed coffee bags are cost-effective and can maximize shelf protection. The standup zipper pouch is customizable in a range of materials and colors in bulk. Bowe Pack offers custom coffee bags with wholesale price and high quality.Contact to get catalogue, free samples!

Custom printed coffee bags
are packaging used to store roasted coffee beans or coffee ground .They are typically made of materials such as paper, aluminum foil, or a combination of both, and are designed to keep the coffee fresh by preventing air, moisture, and light from reaching the beans.

flat bottom coffee bags wholesale

stand up coffee bags wholesale

Our coffee bags and pouches are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for both manufacturers and consumers. They are easy to transport and store, which is particularly useful for shipping and distribution.What's more, our products are BPA-free, BRC and FDA Certified, to ensure provide our clients with best quality packaging.

Custom printed coffee bags optionsCustom printed coffee bags manufacturer

Product Name Custom printed coffee bags with valve and ziplock
Bag Shape Custom Flat Bottom Pouch
Size & Materials Customizable
Printing Gravure Printing and Digital Printing for Choice
MOQ 10,000 PCS by Rotogravure Printing.
No limit by Digital printing (no cylinder fee)
Samples FREE Stock Flat Bottom Pouch Samples Offered

coffee bags wholesale

The Highlight Of Custom Printed Coffee Bags

Our custom flat-bottom coffee pouches are perfect for packaging a variety of coffee products. They
are specially made with a barrier layer that protects against air, light, moisture and odor to keep the coffee fresh for a long time.

  • High-quality Materials: Made from BPA-free food-grade material to keep product fresh and secure.
  • Reclosable zipper and resealable feature, extend shelf life.
  • Affordable price: Cost less and it's more profitable
  • Portability: lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Standing upright with durable and stable bottom.
custom printed coffee bags standing bag
custom printed coffee bags zipper pouch wholesale

Full Customization Flat Bottom Coffee Bags To Fly Off In The Market

Our coffee packaging bags can be fully customized with your choice of colors, graphics, branding, and marketing information to create a unique and eye-catching packaging.

Custom box pouches can be customized with various features such as zippers, tear notches, and hang holes to fit specific packaging needs.

  • Finish: Matt, gloss or spot UV
  • Full-color printing, up to 10 colors
  • Front, back and bottom pouch printing
  • Recyclable or biodegradable materials for options
  • High barrier against moisture, odor and puncture

All-In-One Custom Prntied Coffee Bags Solution

Committed in custom coffee bags and pouches and films since 1997, BowePack have been offering all-in-one custom flexible packaging solution for big and small brands,
saving customers’ time and effort by allowing them to work with one company to handle all their needs. We completely customize every aspect to meet your needs and all bag types, sizes, colors, materials, and features are customizable.

Custom flat bottom bags sevice

BowePack Team will assist you throughout the project: packaging styles, capacity materials and printing finish, choice of additinal feature, closure and decorations.Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.

Your Trusted Coffee Bags Supplier From China

As the leader in flexible packaging manufacturing for food, daily products and chemicals industry, BowePack has been successfully supplying big and small brands with custom flexible packaging bags and films solution for over 25 years thanks to extensive expertise and experience.

Years Experience
Cooperation Brands
Tons Bags Yearly Output
m2 Factory Area

flat bottom pouch supplier packaging production process
Packaging pouch honor certification

We provide award winning packaging to countless brands in over 30 different countries around the world. With rich experience, we have confidence to be your trusted supplier and partner.

Powerful Factory With Clean Workshop
FDA, BRC, SGS, ISO Certified
7-15 Day Fast Turnaround Time

If you are looking for a trusted packaging supplier and going to start a new custom project, just leave a message, we can help. 7/24 at your service.


Premium Coffee Bags Wholesale: Elevate Your Brands and Boost Sales

When it comes to selling coffee, the packaging plays a crucial role in capturing customers' attention and conveying the quality of your product. Investing in high-quality coffee bags wholesale can significantly impact your sales and brand reputation. 
premium coffee bags

Superior Quality and Freshness Preservation:

Premium coffee bags are designed with high-quality materials that provide excellent barrier properties. These bags protect the coffee beans or grounds from external factors such as moisture, light, and oxygen, which can compromise the flavor and freshness. By utilizing these bags, you assure your customers that they are purchasing a product of exceptional quality, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

high barrier plastic coffee bags wholesale

Eye-Catching Design and Branding Opportunities:

Wholesale coffee bags  offer plenty of customization options in terms of design and branding but also at  affordable price. With premium packaging bags, you can showcase your logo, brand colors, and unique designs that align with your brand identity. Eye-catching packaging enhances shelf appeal and differentiates your product from competitors, attracting more customers to choose your coffee over others. This increased visibility can result in improved website traffic and ultimately boost sales.
custom coffee bags printing service

Stand Out with Sustainable Packaging:

In today's environmentally conscious market, opting for sustainable packaging is a wise choice. Many premium coffee bags are available in eco-friendly materials such as compostable or recyclable options. By highlighting your commitment to sustainability on your website, you attract environmentally conscious consumers who are more likely to choose your product over others. This can lead to increased sales and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
Sustainable coffee bags kraft paper

Product Variety and Convenience:

Coffee bags wholesale come in various sizes and formats to cater to different customer needs. Whether you are packaging whole bean coffee, ground coffee, or single-serve pods, you can find bags that perfectly suit your product. Additionally, some bags offer convenient features like resealable closures, one-way degassing valves, or tear notches, enhancing the overall customer experience. This convenience and versatility contribute to customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

custom feature

Investing in premium coffee bags wholesale is a strategic move to improve your brand image and boost sales. The superior quality, eye-catching design, sustainable packaging, informative product descriptions, and convenient features all contribute to attracting customers, building brand loyalty, and increasing sales. By choosing the right coffee bags, you can make a lasting impression, stand out from the competition, and elevate your coffee brand to new heights. Remember, packaging is not just a means to protect your product; it is a powerful marketing tool that can significantly impact your online presence and sales success.

Types of Coffee Beans Bags Wholesale 

  • Wholesale stand up coffee bags

With their stand-up design, these bags provide stability and easy display on store shelves. The inclusion of a resealable zipper closure ensures convenient opening and sealing, keeping the coffee beans fresh and flavorful. Made from high-quality materials, these bags offer excellent barrier properties, safeguarding the beans from moisture, oxygen, and light. Additionally, they can be customized with branding, logos, and designs, enhancing shelf appeal and promoting brand recognition. Overall, wholesale stand-up coffee bags combine functionality, freshness, and visual appeal to meet the packaging needs of coffee distributors and retailers.

  • Wholesale flat bottom coffee bags

Wholesale flat-bottom coffee bags are a popular choice for coffee packaging. These bags feature a flat bottom design that offers stability and maximizes shelf space utilization. With a wide opening and resealable zipper closure, they provide easy access to the coffee while ensuring freshness and aroma preservation. Made from high-quality materials with excellent barrier properties, flat bottom coffee bags protect the beans from moisture, oxygen, and light, extending their shelf life. Their customizable options allow for branding and logo placement, enhancing brand visibility and making them an attractive choice for coffee wholesalers.

  • Wholesale gusset coffee bags

Wholesale gussetes coffee bags are a versatile packaging solution for coffee wholesalers. These bags feature expandable gussets on the sides, providing increased volume and accommodating larger quantities of coffee beans. The gusseted design allows the bags to stand upright on store shelves, ensuring easy display and maximizing visibility. Equipped with a resealable zipper closure, they offer convenient access and maintain the freshness and flavor of the coffee. With their excellent barrier properties, gusset coffee bags protect the beans from external elements, preserving their quality. The bags can be customized with branding and logos, creating a distinctive packaging identity and attracting consumers' attention.

  • Wholesale quad seal coffee bags

Wholesale quad seal coffee packagking bags are a reliable choice for coffee packaging needs. These bags are distinguished by their four-side seal construction, providing extra strength and durability. The quad seal design ensures that the bags maintain their shape and integrity, even when filled with a substantial amount of coffee beans. Equipped with a resealable zipper closure, they enable easy opening and resealing, ensuring optimal freshness.

Specifaication for Custom Printed Coffee Bags


Customzied according to your needs.
High barrier laminated muli-layer plastic materials or sustainable 
materials for options

Printing & Colors

  • Rotogravure Printing: Up to 10 colors, CMYK & Panton.e
  • Digital Printing:  20+ colors , CMYK & Panton.e

Surface Handling

  • Glossy Varnishing 
  • Matte Finishing
  • Spot UV
  • Paper Finishing
  • Hot Stamping

Bespoke Features (Optional)

  • Press to close zipper
  • Pull tab zipper

  • Spout or fitments
  • Die-cut shape

  • Easy open tear notch
  • Euro slot or hang hole
  • Clear window
  • One-way degassing valve

Our Adavatage

  • FDA, BRC, SGS & ISO Certified
  • Safety BPA-free food grade materials & Perfect printing effect

  • Offering superior oxygen, moisture, UV light, aroma and puncture barriers to protect your products integrity, extending shelf life


28g,70g,100g,150g,200g,250g,340g,500g,1000g,1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg or custom
2oz,3oz,4oz,8oz,10oz,16oz,32oz,64oz,128oz or custom

1/2 lb,lb,2lb,5lb or custom

 Technical Data

  • Thickness: 50-200 microns, customized based on clients' needs
  • Ink type: Eco-friendly food standard ink

  • Sealing & Filling: Heat sealable, cold filling, gas flushing and vacuum sealing.


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