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Customized 16 oz coffee bag with valve and zip wholesale

Your one-stop solution for custom 16oz coffee bag. Factory price. Best coffee bag printing service. Get a free quote and samples today!
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    10000PCS MOQ
    7-15 Days Delivery
    BRC Certified
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custom coffee packaging bags wholesale
Best Coffee Bags Supplier
One-stop custom printing solution for custom 16 oz coffee bags  & pouches. All sizes are cutomizable.
Mutiple bags styles options including stand up bag, flat bottom bag, side gusset bags, etc
Multiple custom volume including 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, etc
Custom materials, thickness, designs, etc

OEM Coffee Bags Wholesale - Direct Factory


Main Features of Custom Coffee Bags Wholesale

Moisture-proof and high barrier 
Excelent printing effect, custom printing including gravure printing & digital printing
Excellent freshness preservation properties
Degassing valve is customized available
16 oz coffee bag wholesale
Custom Capacity
Full-color printing, up to 10 colors
Finish: Matt, gloss or spot UV
Recyclable or biodegradable materials for options
Zipper, tear notch, window, gusset, etc
16 oz coffee stand up bag
Bespoke Feature of Custom Coffee Bags

coffee bag degassing valve
Degassing Valve
coffee bag zipper
coffee bag tear notch
Tear Notch
coffee bag bottom
Stable Bottom

16 oz Flat Bottom Coffee Bags

The flat bottom coffee bags offer five panels for custom printing, maximizing brand image.
Eye-catching and premium quality printing up to 10 colors
Free coffee flat bottom bags samples for your fastest reference
Aroma proof and high barrier property material available
16 oz coffee flat bottom pouch wholesale

Coffee Sachet & Stick Pack

Ideal for drip coffee, coffee samples and coffee powder.
Made by coffee packaging film roll
Cost less than premade packaging bags, save cost and gain more profit
Portable and consumer-friendly
Multiple layer laminated plastic films structure, ensure high barrier properties
16 oz coffee sachet bag wholesale

16 oz Side Gusset Coffee Bags

Side gusset bag is one of the most popular coffee packaging styles.
Made of USDA certified for food contact
Offering large volume capacity for coffee
Standing available, offering excellent shelf appealing effect.
16 oz coffee side gusset bag

16 oz Stand Up Coffee Bags

Custom stand up bag in mutiple sizes, materials, design, wholesale price, contact us to get a free quotation now! Free samples available.
Zipper Stand up coffee bag
Kraft & multiple layers plastic
16 oz coffee stand up bags wholesale

Highlights of Bowe Pack OEM Coffee Bags Solution
We offer one-stop custom solution and in-house manufacturing for coffee packaging bag.

25 Years Experience Team:  innovative solutions
Fast Turnaround Times : 7-15 Days delivery times

Factory-direct Pricing:  Save 30% than traders

Low MOQ:  10,000 Pcs for Start up business

Custom coffee bag printing service
coffee bag manufacturing factory
Powerful Factory
 A powerful self-own 20,000 m2 factory with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that allow for efficient and high-quality production of various flexible packaging bags & pouches.

Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control processes in place to ensure that all products meet and exceed industry standards and customer requirements.

coffee bag testing process
coffee bags printing equipment

Mature Printing Technology

Advanced automatic printing machines including 10-color high-speed gravure printing equipment and digital printing equipment.
Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Bags
FAQ about coffee bags

What are your MOQ for coffee bags?
We does not require a MOQ, but we do require an order value of $400. This allows us to cover the time and material needed for the entire process - from pressing to coating, slitting to converting. 

How do I pay for coffee bags orders?
First time customers typically pay with Credit Card. 50% of the total must be paid when placing your order, and the remaining balance is due when your product is ready to ship.

What kind of proofs and pouch information should I offer?
The file format of design source such as PS, AI and CDR, is acceptable.Bag type, quantity, size, material structure, thickness and design artwork are needed.
More Coffee Bags

coffee bags with valve wholesale
coffee packaging bags manufacturer

Bag Styles for 16 oz Coffee Bag:

We offer satnd up pouch, flat bottom pouch, quad seal bag and side guset bag for coffee packaging.

Flat Bottom Coffee Bag:

Designed with a flat bottom, this style ensures stability when placed on flat surfaces and offers a sleek and professional appearance.

flat bottom coffee bags with valve
flat bottom coffee bags wholesale

Stand-Up Coffee Bag:

This style features a gusseted bottom, allowing the bag to stand upright on store shelves, providing better visibility and easy access for customers.

stand up coffee bags with valve
stand up pouch for coffee

Quad Seal Coffee Bag:

This style features four side seals, providing excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for bulk packaging and transportation.

gusset coffee bags with valve

gussst bags for coffee with valve
custom gusset bags

Features of Custom 16 oz Coffee Bag:

Superior Barrier Properties:
The coffee bag is designed with advanced barrier materials that prevent moisture, oxygen, and light from degrading the quality of your coffee, ensuring its freshness and flavor are preserved.

Resealable Zipper Closure:
The built-in zipper closure allows for convenient resealing, ensuring that the bag can be securely closed after each use, maintaining the coffee's freshness and preventing exposure to external elements.

One-Way Valve:
Some coffee bag styles include a one-way valve that allows the release of carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen from entering the bag, further preserving the coffee's flavor and aroma.

Durable Construction:
The bag is made from durable materials that protect the coffee from physical damage, such as punctures or tears, ensuring that it arrives in perfect condition.

Customizable Design: Our coffee bag can be customized with various printing options, allowing you to showcase your branding, product information, and enticing visuals, effectively attracting customers.

stick pack for coffee powder

custom feature

Advantages of Custom Coffee Packaging Bag:

custom coffee bags advantage

1.Freshness Preservation:
The superior barrier properties and resealable zipper closure ensure that your coffee remains fresh, flavorful, and aromatic for an extended period, enhancing customer satisfaction.

2.Extended Shelf Life:
The protective features of the bag, such as the barrier materials and one-way valve, contribute to the coffee's extended shelf life, reducing waste and ensuring a longer product lifespan.

3.Convenient Storage and Transportation:
The lightweight and compact design of the bag make it easy to store and transport, optimizing space utilization and minimizing shipping costs.

4.Branding Opportunity:
The customizable design of the bag allows you to create a visually appealing packaging that showcases your brand identity and helps differentiate your coffee products in the market.

5.Eco-Friendly Option:
Our coffee bags are available in eco-friendly materials, promoting sustainability and appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Customization Guide

How to customize coffee bags with valve?

Step 1: Determine Your Design and Branding

Before customizing your coffee bags with a valve, decide on the design elements and branding you want to incorporate. Consider your brand logo, color scheme, and any other relevant graphics or text that will represent your coffee brand effectively.

custom coffee bags design

Step 2: Choose the Right Coffee Bag

Select a coffee bag that is suitable for customization with a valve. Look for bags specifically designed with a valve attachment area. Common types include stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, side gusset bag or quad seal bags. Ensure that the bag material is compatible with the valve attachment process.

custom printing coffee bags styles

Step 3: Select the Valve Type

Choose the appropriate valve type for your coffee bags. Typically, one-way degassing valves are used for coffee packaging. These valves allow carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the bag, preserving the coffee's freshness and aroma. There are different valve options available, such as adhesive valves or heat-sealable valves. Consider the valve's quality, functionality, and ease of application.

Specification: The materials and sizes ofe the valve

Step 4: Determine Valve Placement

Decide on the ideal placement of the valve on your coffee bag. The valve is typically positioned on the front or back of the bag, near the top or side. Ensure it is strategically placed for optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Step 5: Work with a Professional Printer or Packaging Supplier

To customize your coffee bags with a valve, collaborate with a professional printer or packaging supplier experienced in coffee bag customization. Provide them with your design specifications, including the placement of the valve and other specifications. As a professional supplier, BOWE will guide you through the customization process and ensure that your bags are printed accurately and the valve is correctly applied.

coffee bags supplier coffeee bags manufacturer workshop

Step 6: Printing and Valve Application

Once you've finalized your design and specifications, the printer or packaging supplier will proceed with printing your customized coffee bags. They will incorporate your branding elements, graphics, and any other requested information. After printing, the valve application process begins. The valve is precisely attached to the designated area on the bag using adhesive or heat sealing, depending on the valve type.

Step 7: Quality Control and Testing

Before distributing your customized coffee bags, it's crucial to conduct quality control checks and perform testing to ensure the valve's functionality. Verify that the valves are properly attached and functioning correctly, allowing for the release of carbon dioxide while preventing oxygen ingress.

Step 8: Fill and Seal the Bags

Once your customized coffee bags with valves are ready, fill them with your freshly roasted coffee beans or ground coffee. Utilize a suitable filling and sealing machine to efficiently pack your coffee, ensuring the bags are properly sealed to maintain product freshness.

Step 9: Packaging and Distribution

Package the filled and sealed coffee bags for shipment or distribution. Consider using additional packaging, such as outer cartons or boxes, to protect the bags during transportation and storage.

By following these steps, you can successfully customize your coffee bags with a valve, creating a visually appealing and functional packaging solution that preserves the quality and freshness of your coffee products.

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