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Flow pack films for horizontal and vertical packaging manufacturer

Type: Food flow pack films
Price: $2.0/-$3.5/kg
Min.Order: 200 kg
Certification: ISO, BRC, EU Standard
Size: Customized Available
Custom Printing: Within 10 Colors
Target Markets: All around the world
  • Our Advantage:
    200kg MOQ
    7-15 Days Delivery
    BRC Certified
    Custom Printing

Flow Pack Films: Custom Solutions for Efficient Horizontal and Vertical Packaging

Flow pack films play a crucial role in the packaging industry, offering customizable solutions for both horizontal and vertical packaging needs. These versatile flexible packaging films provide excellent barrier properties, flexibility, and adaptability to various food and non-food product shapes and sizes. As a experienced plastic flexible packaging films manufacturer, we offer custom laminated packaging rollstock film to companies and wholesaler.

flexible flow pack films supplier
flow pack films manufacturer China
packaging film roll for HFFS VFFS machines

Section 1: Understanding Flow Pack Films

The  versatility, barrier properties, and customization options of flowing pack films make them an ideal choice for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and more.

What is definitionof flow pack films?

Flow pack films are flexible packaging materials used for wrapping and sealing products. They are typically made of flexible plastic films like polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and offer excellent clarity and sealability for flow wrapping.

flow pack film definition

Key characteristics and advantages of flow pack films

Flow packaging films are versatile, adaptable to different product sizes and shapes. They provide easy integration with packaging machinery and they can be used on nearly every type of horizontal form/fill/seal (HFFS) and vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS) machinery.

Section 2: Horizontal Packaging with Flow Pack Films

Why flow pack films are suitable for horizontal packaging machines?

Flow pack films offer tight wrapping, product protection, and efficient sealing when used with HFFS machinery. They allow for high-speed packaging, minimize material waste, and provide a smooth, professional appearance.

Application of flow pack films

  • bakery, confectionery
  • cookies, biscuit
  • energy bar, chololate bar, protein bar
  • potato chips 
packaging film for stick pack bag

Customization options for branding and product differentiation

Our custom flow pack films can be customized with 10 colors, printed logos, product information, and eye-catching designs, enhancing brand visibility and product differentiation on store shelves. Also, the oval window can be added, through which consumers can see the contents of the package.

Section 3: Vertical Packaging with Flow Pack Films

What is vertical packaging?

Vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) is a packaging method that involves creating the bag while simultaneously filling it with the product. Unlike horizontal packaging, where the product is fed into a bag in a flat position, VFFS feeds the product vertically. This process offers greater efficiency and convenience in creating sealed bags for various products.

vertical packaging film for sauce ketchup
VFSS pacakging films supplier

Industries and products that benefit from vertical packaging with flow pack films

  • snack bars
  • candies
  • coffee pods and coffee powder
  • shampoo sachet
  • pharmaceutical blister packs
sachet packakkging films applications

Section 4:Purchase Information of Custom Flowing Pack Films

custom prinitng
Type Printed flow pack films for horizontal and vertical packaging sachet bag
4Layers: PET/AL/NY/LDPE,PET/White Kraft paper/PET/PE
MOQ 200 KG
Delivery 7-15 Days
Size & Thickness Customized; 40-200 microns
Bag details Window, zipped, Euro hole, die-cut handle, tear north, round corner, etc..
Feature Attractive design
New material& stable quality
Lightproof and moisture proof
Professional suggestion of the most suitable packaging for your products
First grade material and inks,ensure the safety of your products
Application 1. Solid Contents for Foods: Candy, Biscuit, Potato Cracker, Spice, Soup Powder, Vegetable, Chocolate, Jerky, Pet Foods,Croutons,and more
2. Solid Contents for Cosmetic and Washing Powder and Other Industry Use: Washing Powder, Lawn Weed Control Granule, Meadow Grass Mixture and more
3. Dried Foods: Potato Chip, Raisin, Snack, and more
4. Liquid Contents: Juice, Drink, Mineral Water, Sauce, Ketchup, Milk, Skin Care, Soap Liquid, Detergent, Paste, Cream, Tea,Coffee, Shampoo, Edible Oil, and more

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