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Retort Pouch 121 High Temperature Food Grade Packaging

Material structure : PET/AL/RCPP, PET/NY/RCPP
Application: Ready to eat meal, cooking oil, pet food
Supply capacity We have enough machinery and equipment for production to reach 350 tons per week
MOQ: 50,000 PCS
Delivery time:20 days lead time
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Retort pouches are flexible, heat-resistant, and airtight packaging used for the processing and preservation of various food products. As a experienced flexible supplier and manufacturer, we offer one stop custom solution for all kinds of food grade retort pouch.

high temperature retort pouch supplier

1.Stand-Up Retort Pouches:

These pouches have a folded bottom that allows them to stand upright on store shelves, providing convenience for consumers. Stand-up retort pouches are commonly used for soups, sauces, and ready-to-eat meals. 121℃ high temperature resistance is available.

Our stand-up retort pouches for ready-to-eat meals are convenient and designed for easy opening and hassle-free consumption, making mealtime a breeze. With a stable stand-ing up design, they are perfect for on-the-go convenience and can be easily stored in your pantry or fridge. 

retort stand up pouch

2.Flat Retort Pouches:
Flat retort pouches have a simple, flat design without a bottom gusset. They are often used for packaging products like pet food, seafood, and processed fruits and vegetables.

Introducing flat retort pouches, the perfect solution for storing and preserving your sauce, seafood, and processed fruits and vegetables.The durable retortable RCPP material ensures that your food remains safe from contaminants and maintains its quality.


Never having to worry about your sauces spoiling or your fruits losing their freshness again. With flat retort pouches, you can enjoy the convenience of easy storage and extended shelf life for all your favorite food items. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to delicious meals whenever you want them with retortable pouches.

flat retort bag packaging

3.Shaped Retort Pouches:

These pouches feature unique shapes and designs, making them visually appealing and suitable for branding purposes. Shaped retort pouches are commonly used for baby food, snacks, and beverages.

retort pouch for wet pet food

Retort Pouch Materials

retort pouch materials

Materials structure for retort pouch:
ALOx PET/NY/RCPP (Microwavable)
PET/AL//NY/RCPP (HIgh Temperature)

(1)Classified by temperature & time conditions:

Class Class Condition Comment

Water Boiling

Sterilized by 100℃ boiling water

Sterilizing 30min

Medium temperature Retort

Retorting sterilization below 121℃ including 121℃)
Sterilizing 40min

High temperature Retort

High temperature sterilization below 135℃(including135℃ )

Sterilizing 30min

(2)Classified by FDA standards


Time Condition

Shelf Life of Contents

121℃ Retort Pouch

Below 121℃,  20-60min

Over 6 months

135℃ Retort Pouch

135℃,  about 20min

1~2 years

140℃ Retort Pouch

Below 140℃,  usually 2~5min

Microwave heating within 2 years


Product Details

What is retort pouch?

A retort pouch is a flexible packaging solution that consists of multiple layers of barrier materials, such as plastic and aluminum foil, combined to create a pouch capable of withstanding high-temperature processing ( normally 121℃ and 135). The pouches are sealed to maintain product freshness and integrity.

retort pouch solution

What challenge that we can deal with for you when customizing retort pouch?

Customizing a retort pouch can present several challenges due to the specific requirements of this type of packaging. As BOWE PACK is a professional retor pouch manufacturer with years of industry experience, we can customize and manufacture the durable and safety retort packaging for you and your clients.

custom solution

1. Heat Resistance:

Retort pouches are designed to withstand high-temperature processing, which involves sterilization and high temperature cooking. Choosing materials that can withstand these extreme conditions, our packaging engineers will give you the most suitable material structure suggestions based on your product characteristics and cooking temperature.
heat resistant retort pouch

2. Barrier Properties:

Retort pouches need to provide an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light to ensure the preservation and extended shelf life of the packaged retort  food.Through mature technology and experience, we can achieve the right balance of barrier properties while maintaining other functional aspects of the pouch.

high barrier retort pouch

3.Material Compatibility:

The compatibility between the retort pouch materials and the specific food product being packaged is crucial. Different food products have varying sensitivities to certain materials, and finding a material combination that is safe, doesn't affect the taste or quality of the food, and meets regulatory requirements can be a challenge. 

4. Product Safety and Integrity:

Ensuring that the retort pouch maintains the safety and integrity of the food throughout the processing and storage is of utmost importance. Any compromise in the seal strength, material stability, or barrier properties can lead to contamination, spoilage, or compromised product quality.

If you are looking for a trused retort pouch supplier, or want to inquire about technical issues and customization details about retort  packaging, send us inquiry or leave a message by filling the form below.

Microwavable retort pouch

The microwavable retort pouch is designed to be used safely in a microwave oven without the risk of electric sparks. Unlike traditional retort pouches that utilize an aluminum layer, the microwavable version features a polyester film coated with Alumina (AlOx). This Alumina-coated polyester film provides a barrier property that is comparable to that of an aluminum layer.


By using Alumina-coated polyester film, the microwavable retort pouch maintains similar barrier properties in terms of oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) as the ordinary retort pouch with an aluminum layer. This means that the microwavable retort pouch effectively protects the food inside from oxygen and moisture, ensuring the preservation of flavor, freshness, and quality.

Material structure: AlOx coated PET/NY/ RCPP
Usage: Cooked rice, curry sauce, soup, meat stew, pet meal
& other ready-to-eat foods

The retort pouches offers the added convenience of easy reheating in a microwave oven. It allows consumers to conveniently heat the food directly in the pouch without the need for transferring it to a separate container. This feature saves time and reduces the hassle of additional dishwashing or cleanup.


The microwavable retort bags provides a safe and efficient solution for heating food in a microwave oven. It maintains comparable barrier properties to traditional retort pouches with aluminum layers while offering the convenience of easy reheating, making it a practical choice for consumers seeking a quick and hassle-free meal preparation option.

retort packaging abg for meal


About Us

BOWE PACK is a leading professional retort pouches manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality retortable packaging. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional custom packaging solutions for a wide range of food products. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced machinery and technology, ensuring precision and efficiency in every production process. Committed to meeting strict quality standards, we use premium food-grade materials and conduct rigorous testing to ensure the safety and integrity of products.

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