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Roasted Chicken Packaging Bag with Zipper and Window Wholesale

MOQ: 10 000 PCS
Price: $0.01 - $0.20
Materials: BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE, customized
Lead Time: 7-15 Days
Samples: Free for reference
Target Markets: All over the world
Customization: Bag styles, designs, colors, sizes, volume, etc.
  • Our Advantage:
    10000 units MOQ
    Free Samples
    BRC Certified
    7-15 Days Delivery
    Custom Printing

Custom Roasted Chicken Packaging Bags for Freshness & Convenience

We offer custom printing and all-in-on manufacturing for food-grade roasted packaging bags.These roased packaging pouches are crafted with the details intention of preserving the succulence and flavor of the chicken, ensuring that it continues to be delectably damp and full-flavored. By securing in the all-natural juices of the chicken throughout the roasting process, the bag adds to a more tasty end result.
microwavable retort pouches for chicken

Numerous Ranges of Roasted Chicken Packaging Bags

When one is thinking about the packaging of roasted chicken, there are numerous choices offered to ensure both freshness and ease. And the most commonly used are stand up zipper bag, vacuum bag and microwavable oven-safe pouch.

Stand up pouch with zipper and window

Stand up pouch with zipper is the ideal packaging type.The ziplock bag provides a resealable feature for effortless accessibility to the savory chicken.

What innovations and trends are emerging in roasted chicken packaging bags?

New materials and technology, sustainable options, and customizable branding are driving innovations in the industry. The recyclable materials structure like PE/EVOH-PE, MDO-PE/PE and MOPP/CPP.

Vacuum bag

Another popular choice is high barrier vacuum bag, which successfully removes air from the product packaging to lengthen the service life of the scrumptious chicken. And the two main vacuum bag stpes are aluminum foil vacuum bags and transparent vacuum bags.
 aluminum foil vacuum bags
transparent nylon vacuum bags

Ovan-safe microwavable pouches

Additionally, for those wanting to reheat the poultry directly in the packaging, oven-safe bags prove to be an exceptional option, permitting for hassle-free cooking and serving without the need of additional dishes. These pouches are microwavable and heat-resistant.

Custom Feature of Roasted Chicken Packaging Pouches

  • Transparent window

Customized roasted chicken packaging pouch can be designed with a transparent window, allowing consumers to see the delicious roasted chicken inside. This feature enhances product visibility and creates an enticing visual presentation, enticing customers to make a purchase.

  • Portable hole

The bag  incorporate a portable handle hole, which provides convenience for consumers on the go. The hole allows customers to carry the pouch easily, making it ideal for takeaway or grab-and-go options. This feature enhances portability and makes it easy for customers to enjoy their roasted chicken wherever they desire.

custom feature

  • Reasealable zipper

To ensure optimal freshness and convenience, our high brrier roasted chicken packaging bags can be equipped with a resealable zipper. This feature allows consumers to open and close the pouch multiple times, keeping the roasted chicken fresh for longer periods. It also enables portion control, as customers can reseal the pouch after consuming a portion and save the rest for later.

  • Expanded bottom

The expanded bottom allows the pouch to stand upright on store shelves or in takeaway bags, ensuring that the chicken remains securely in place. 

custom feature

Suggested Packaging Materials

Packaging Application Material Structure Suggested
Ordinary Food Packaging BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE, PET/PE, MOPP/PE, MOPP/CPP
Packaging need excellent barrier PET/AL/PE, BOPP/AL/PE,
For Packaging which need flavour keeping KOP/CPP, KOP/PE,
For Vacuum, Frozen Food Packaging PA/PE, BOPP/PE
For High Temperature Resistant Packaging PET/PA/RCPP,

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