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OEM Sachet Film Roll Packaging BOPP PET Plastic Stick Pack Supplier

Type: Food packaging sachet film materials
Custom Printing: Support
Materials: PE/VMPET/PET, Customized available
MOQ: 200kg
Price: $2.0-$3.2 per kg, negociated available
Lead Time: 15 Days
  • Our Advantage:
    200KG MOQ
    7-15 Days Delivery
    Free Samples
    BRC Certified
    ISO Certified

Sachet Film - Convenient and Reliable Packaging for Single-Use Applications

Sachet film is a reliable and convenient packaging solution designed for single-use applications. This flexible film is perfect for creating individual sachets or small packets for various products, including powders, liquids, and granules. The flaexible packaging film offers exceptional barrier properties, protecting the contents from moisture, oxygen, and external contaminants.

sachet film supplier

We offer miltiple custom options for packaging film roll, including size, thickness, and sealing properties. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, providing an efficient and hygienic packaging solution for sample sizes, travel-sized products, and on-the-go convenience. Sachet film delivers practicality and reliability for packaging small quantities with ease.

Quick Information:

Customzation: Acceptable

Min.Order: 200kg

Lead Time: 15 Days

Origin: Guangdong, China

Production Capacity: 1,000 Tons

High barrier Sachet Packaging Film

Sachet Film for Snacks

Roll stock sachet film is commonly used for packaging snacks such as chips, pretzels, cookies, and popcorn. Its barrier properties help maintain product freshness, crispness, and protect against moisture and air exposure. For chips packaging film, the BOPP/VMOPP/LDPE material structure is the mostly used, because this laminated plastic films have quite good properties of moisture vapor permeability, chemical stability, physical and mechanical properties.
Sachet Film for Snacks

Sachet Film For Meat Packaging

Our packaging sachet film is utilized for packaging raw and processed meat and poultry products. It provides a barrier against oxygen, preventing spoilage and maintaining the quality and flavor of the meat.

Sachet Film For Meat

Sachet Film for Dairy Product

Multi-layer high barrier sachet film is commonly used for packaging dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. It helps preserve the freshness, flavor, and texture of these perishable items. For milk powder packaging film, we recommand PET/AL/PE material structure. The aluminum foil layer acts as the baeeier layer, offering strong moisture resistance and light protection.

Sachet Film for Milk

Sachet Film for Frozen Food Packaging

Rollstock sacht film is used for packaging a variety of frozen food products, including frozen fruits and vegetables, seafood, and ready-to-eat meals. It provides a barrier against freezer burn and helps maintain the quality and taste of the frozen products. For freezer packaging film, we recommand PA/PE material structure.
Wholesale sachet film for frozen food

Sachet Film for Confectionery Packaging

Sachet film is ideal for packaging candies, chocolates, and confectionery items. It helps preserve the flavor, texture, and appearance of these delicate treats, while also offering an appealing presentation.
Sachet Film for Candy

Sachet Film for Coffee and Tea Packaging

Roll stock film is utilized for packaging coffee beans, ground coffee, and tea leaves. It protects these products from moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor.

Sachet Film for Coffee Powder

Packaging Types

Cheese Packaging Film Feature
Product Information

Product Name

OEM Sachet Film Roll Packaging BOPP PET Plastic Stick Pack Supplier



BOPP/CPP , etc


Transparent or Custom Printing (Up to 10 colors)


Food Grade; Medical Grade


Thickness: 50um-200um

Width: 100mm-1200mm
Customized Size


1) Excellent barrier properties of Oxygen and Moisture.
2) Leakage Resistant and High Strength.
3) Excellect puncture and tear resistance.


For packing fresh or frozen meat, processed food, sea food, cheese, sausage, etc.

Purchase Information

Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
Delivery Within: 7 ~15 days after received the payment.
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Western Union.

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