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Sachet Shampoo Packaging Plastic Film Roll Material Supplier

Type: Plastic packaging film roll for sachet shampoo packaging
Custom Printing: Support
Size: 10g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg
Materials: PE/VMPET/PET, Customized available
MOQ: 200kg
Lead Time: 15 Days
  • Our Advantage:
    BRC Certified
    7-15 Days Delivery
    Free Samples
    10-color Custom Print
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Shampoo Sachet Packaging
Our shampoo sachet packaging film offer convenience and efficiency for manufacturers in hair care products industry.

1.Support OEM/ODM customization. Welcome to contact us.
2.Support free sample, if needed, please send inquiry to contact us.

Shampoo Sachet Packaging Plastic Film Roll Wholesale

The shampoo sachet packaging film is an ideal solution designed to provide convenience and efficiency in the hair care routine. These flexible packaging films are tailored for single-use applications, offering a mess-free and travel-friendly option for consumers. With specific sizes, customizable features, and numerous advantages, shampoo sachet packaging film plays a crucial role in delivering an optimal hair care experience.

Packaging Plastic Film Roll Material Supplier

BOWE PACK is an experienced flexible packaging film factory. We export all kinds of laminated plastic bags, pouches and films to over 100 countries and areas, helping multiple manufacturers and brands to boost sales by premium custom flexible packaging.

Custom Packaging Plastic Film Roll Material Supplier


  • Food, snacks, nuts, dried fruit
  • Shampoo and other personal care
  • Detergnet
  • Liquid products 
custom sachet packaging


STYLE Sachet Shampoo Packaging Plastic Film Roll Material Supplier
MATERIAL Eco-friendly materials: Krafr paper, PLA, PBS, PE, PP ,EVOH, etc
High barrier materials: Al Foil, CPP, BOPP, NY, etc
According to the target usage and customers’  needs, our packaging experts are capable of designing material structures that best suit your demand.
SIZE To be fully customized according to your needs
If you don’t know the size clearly , let BOWE PACK help you.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES ·8 types unwinding positions
PRINTING Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors using food-grade inks or eco-friendly soy inks
·Gloss finish
·Matt finish
·Matt finish with spot glossy (Spot UV)
MOQ 200kg

Advantages of Sachet Shampoo Packaging:

Shampoo sachet packaging films offer several advantages for both consumers and manufacturers:

  1. Portability: The compact size and lightweight nature of sachet packaging make it easy for consumers to carry their favorite shampoo while traveling or on the go.

  2. Single-Use Convenience: Sachets provide a pre-measured quantity of shampoo, ensuring convenient and mess-free application without wastage.

  3. Hygiene: Single-use sachets promote hygiene by preventing cross-contamination that can occur with shared bottles in public places.

  4. Cost-Efficiency: Sachet packaging reduces the need for larger bottles, making it a cost-effective option for consumers looking to try out new products.

  5. Product Freshness: Each sachet contains a fresh portion of shampoo, preventing exposure to air and contamination, thereby maintaining product quality.

  6. Sustainability: Sachet packaging requires less material compared to traditional bottles, contributing to reduced plastic waste.

Sachet Shampoo Packaging Features

Custom Features: Shampoo sachet packaging films can be customized with various features to enhance their functionality and appeal:

  1. Tear-Notch and Easy Open: Incorporating tear-notches or easy-open features makes it effortless for consumers to access the shampoo inside.

  2. Resealable Option: Some sachets can feature resealable closures, allowing users to use a portion of the shampoo and seal the sachet for future use.

  3. Custom Printing: Brands can showcase their logos, product information, and design on the sachets, reinforcing brand identity.

 sachet packaging sample

Shampoo sachet packaging films are available in various sizes to suit different hair care needs:

  1. 5ml - 20ml: These smaller sizes are ideal for single-use applications, such as travel or trial purposes.

  2. 30ml - 50ml: Medium-sized sachets cater to multiple uses, making them suitable for hotels, salons, or on-the-go hair care.


As a leading flexible packaging film factory, we combine technical expertise, innovative design capabilities, sustainable manufacturing practices, and operational excellence to provide clients with top-quality, environmentally friendly packaging solutions that meet the demands of today's conscientious consumers and businesses.
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With our modern factory are multiple manufacturing equipments that are capable of producing a wide range of recyclable packaging products efficiently and with high precision. We also obtaining relevant certifications (e.g., ISO 14001 for environmental management, BRC for certified materials) and adhering to industry regulations to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and quality.

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